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Popular Web Designs Every Web Designer Should Know

Web designer

Web designing is a skill that can only be mastered in due course of time, with relevant practice and patience. The introduction of different styles and types of web design is to create better-looking websites with the use of technology whilst serving the purpose of every conception.

Five different types of web designs are necessary for beginner level or a standard level web designer to implement in their web designing projects.

Illustrative web design

An illustration is an essential tool when we are trying to convey something to somebody. The use of this web designing tool or the aspect of illustrative web design helps in conveying the message better to the audience. Illustrations can include cartoon drawings or real-life drawings that can bring web design to life. Incorporating these kinds of illustrative ways to shed out the information to our target audience will not only help in increasing the popularity of the website but also depict the right message to the audience.

Minimalistic web design

As the name suggests, minimalistic design sticks to eliminating all the non- minimalistic elements from the designing aspect and highlight only the necessary ones. This not only helps in erasing or minimizing the potential distractions, but it also helps to stick to the basic aspect of web designing. In today’s world, minimalistic is trendy, which also prevents the website from being filled with chaos and unnecessary overflow of information.

Topography web design

The first impression always lasts. Whether you like it or not, the topography is a form that creates a long-lasting impression and experience for the users even before they start reading your article or going through your products. Topography web design is far away from just portraying a story. But it also gives a character to the person who built the website and picks the standard quality of the website.

In simple words, the topography of our website can either make it or break it. It is one of the core principles that our web designer has or to have in their mind. In the rise of the world of mobile phones and consumption of content through mobile phones, topographical web designing can be a potential drawback as it consumes more time to load. However, these problems can be solved by displaying topography based on the resolution of the device that is being used.


Single page web design

Single page web design isn’t new to the market. It has a more practical and useful approach compared to all the other types of web designs. Although they have some shortcomings, they still have a lot of advantages to offer to the users. Your entire content should fit into a single page, which is rather impossible for a high-grade business or a high-grade blog to implement; hence, these are more suitable for practising or for the novice designers.

 Flat web design

This is again a minimalistic approach to this web designing that emphasizes on the usability rather than the appearance. A clean, open space, bright-coloured, crisp-edged two-dimensional flat illustrators are the one that uses these kinds of web designs.

Aesthetics V/s Usability of Web Designs

Usability of Web Designs

Let us understand this article with the help of an example. Suppose you’re looking for specific information on the web and you come across a relevant site that serves the information. You click on the website to know further details. However, you notice that the website offers the worst aesthetics, but the information inside is apt. What are you more likely to do? Leave the website immediately or stay on until you gain your information?


When we talk about a website, first impressions last longer, and it takes ages for us to change the opinion about the site. However, it has the same effect on the usability or the information on the website as well. Let’s understand the difference between the two.

Some of the reason why users leave a particular website is due to the following:

  • Non-intuitive layout
  • Slow loading pages
  • Web pages that are hard to navigate from mobile devices
  • Bugs, errors and extensive scrolling

Functionality and Aesthetics go hand-in-hand.

Generally, people make the mistake of treating the aesthetics as well as the functionality of the site as two different aspects, but they’re two sides of the same coin. The aesthetics involve all the design aspects and the features that added to the appeal of the online website. However, useability depicts the elements and the functions of the website. Both of these are equally important to run a successful website.



Websites’ code is written generally in different languages which are rendered and displayed by the web browsers. However, before it is displayed to the audience, they ought to be tested for potential bugs and an overview of the site. After every modification, a website ought to be tested. The main factors that the website is generally tested for are:

  • Consitententy: Which makes sure all the elements of the page co-related with one another
  • Natural feel: The website should feel natural, by eliminating overly curvy and edge backgrounds and images
  • Make sense: Overall, the content, and the graphics of the site, should altogether make sense

Creating immediate interest in the website

website designing

After researching about the accessibility, aesthetics and the useability of a website, we need to note that creating attention works the best for any website designs. If you visit a website and not sure of what’s going on in there, then the entire purpose of visiting the site goes to drain. Some of the aspects that a web designer has to keep in mind are:

  • Readability of fonts, clear and crisp content
  • High visibility with even higher resolution
  • A clear call to action button that is especially important for commercial sites
  • Overall, a simple, clear and apt site with the necessary content and minimalistic design aesthetics

Bottom line

An aesthetically pleasing website with credible and relatable content is sure to stay in the market for the long haul. Anything opposite to it should find their way back from the world of the internet.